Twelvestone Health Partners With Carecredit For Patients With High Deductible Plans

Post-acute care provider TwelveStone Health Partners has joined with CareCredit, the industry leader in patient financing for the past 30 years, to provide an alternative to navigating the increased out of pocket costs patients must shoulder, especially as high deductible plans become the norm in health care.

“High deductible plans have grown by 60 percent in the last 10 years, and they’re not going away,” says Shane Reeves, president and chief executive officer of TwelveStone. “These plans can disrupt a family budget when faced with a lump sum care balance. CareCredit gives patients the ability to offset the big bite required by high deductible plans with a more stable payment schedule.”

In recent years, dental, plastic surgery and even some veterinary practices have adopted credit-based options, but they are relatively new to post-acute care services. At time of service, TwelveStone reviews patient payment options. The tiered system requires payment in full for balances less than $500. Beyond that, patients are asked to pay 20 percent of the balance, with various monthly payment options. For those unable to pay 20 percent up front, CareCredit offers a line of credit with various extended promotions, depending on the amount charged.

TwelveStone began offering CareCredit in May 2017 to patients who would otherwise not have access to medical services and supplies supporting post-acute care needs.

About TwelveStone Health Partners

As an organization, TwelveStone supports the transition from acute to post-acute care environments and the transition from sickness to health. This is the third evolution in the company’s history, beginning in 1980 when Richard Reeves and Ronald Powell created a single retail pharmacy location then called Reeves Powell Saveway Drug Store. In 1994 Shane Reeves and…

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