Time-capsule letter found after 22 years makes eerily accurate predictions about the future


Greg Wilkinson envisioned global conflicts and the growth of a major country in 1995

A TIME-CAPSULE letter uncovered 22 years after it was written makes eerily accurate predictions about the future – warning about extremist Islam and the growth of China.

Greg Wilkinson’s incredible vision of life in 2060 was found by a tradesman Sasha Ilic hidden in the bathroom wall of his former property in Sydney, Australia.


Greg Wilkinson wrote a number of eerily accurate predictions about the future in 1995

sasha ilic/facebook

sasha ilic/facebook

The letter, accompanied by a picture of Greg and his wife Roslyn Green on their wedding day, was penned on Easter Sunday April 15, 1995 when the then 39-year-old was renovating the home in the Rozelle district.

Chillingly, Greg accurately predicted conflict involving warped forms of Islam before the 9/11 attacks and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He wrote: “Islam will become the next ideological problem, sparking an equal and opposite reaction plunging large parts of the globe into a ridiculous ‘Holy War’.”

This battle could end when “both sides realise that if this is what their God wants, then there probably isn’t one after all”, Greg added.

China would become a “world economic superpower” and “Australia could become their target”, he also warned.

He encouraged fellow Aussies to learn “Chinese language and culture”, and increase immigration from the county.

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