These Smaller Titles From E3 2017 Deserve Your Attention

E3 is the place where gaming’s most powerful publishers and developers get together to show off their biggest titles. While the focus is decidedly on the giants of gaming, E3 is also a place where smaller developers spotlight their creations.

While preparing my E3 coverage, I always make sure to schedule appointments for games and studios that may not get as much attention as the big dogs. Below are some of the coolest games I played at E3 which deserve more attention.

The Talos Principle is one of the best puzzle games I’ve had the pleasure of playing. When I heard it was getting the VR treatment, I had to check it out. While I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a proponent of VR, I felt that this title would lend itself well to that interface. I was both right and wrong.

For the demo, I used an HTC Vive headset. This is the most expensive VR headset in the market for a reason: it feels extremely comfortable, and its graphics were far beyond those of the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. Because of that, I was able to adjust to playing The Talos Principle with the full 360 field of view. Instead of a traditional controller, I was given two HTC Vive controllers to use. The controllers themselves were responsive, but they were a bit odd to use.

Because of the different interface, I wasn’t able to play the game as easily as I did on PS4. Not only did I have mind-bending puzzles to contend with, but I also had to fight against the controls. But when I managed to overcome these hurdles, I found The Talos Principle VR to be an enjoyable, and somewhat chill experience. A release date is TBD.

I got to check out Indivisible a couple of years ago around the time the first demo was released. This game is notable because all of the main characters and many of the smaller enemies are hand-drawn. This is made by the same team who gave us Skullgirls which explains why it looks so great. For me, Indivisible feels like a spiritual successor to Guardian…

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