The tweets that will haunt Donald Trump

Early Thursday morning — 6:55 a.m., to be precise — President Trump was on Twitter again,  tweeting his thoughts about reports that he is now personally under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller for obstruction of justice.

Whatever one thinks of the logic or accuracy of his mini-screed, the near unanimous reaction from the legal and political worlds was that Trump was only digging his hole deeper. Every lawyer in the country, presumably including Trump’s personal attorney, Marc Kasowitz, knows to tell his client to keep his mouth (or phone) shut, because he only makes things worse for himself.

But no one has ever had much success telling Donald Trump what he can’t do. Friday morning he was all thumbs again, confirming on Twitter that he is under investigation “for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!” He left it to his followers to puzzle out the reference, as no one has suggested that Mueller, who is reportedly investigating him, played any role in the decision to fire James Comey as head of the bureau.  (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller, drafted a memo justifying Comey’s dismissal. But @realDonaldTrump dismissed that justification.)

In approximately 35,000 posts since his first Twitter missive on May 4, 2009, to promote his appearance on David Letterman’s show, Trump has used the platform to hurl insults, ranging from “awkward” (Mitt Romney, Seth Meyers, Ellen DeGeneres) all the way down to “disgusting” (Fox News, Bette Midler, Barney Frank’s ill-fitting shirt) at enemies ranging from China to Whoopi Goldberg; to boast about how rich he is, how smart he is and how he is the “least racist person there is”; and to promote everything from his plans for peace to the…

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