It is no doubt heating up outside. Unfortunately, that may mean your electric bill is heating up too.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

A Google search on how to save money on your electric bill introduces you to a device, called a watt meter. It costs around $20 at the hardware store, but it’s guaranteed to help you save.

“We have a watt meter,” said Rob Williams, Sr. Energy Advisor with Duke Energy.

We contacted Duke Energy and had them meet up with 10News to show us exactly how the device works.

“What it does is analyzes the electrical costs for appliances,” Williams said. “We can plug in an appliance and it tells us the projected monthly cost.”

So that’s what we did. First, we plugged in the cell phone.

“Average monthly cost is about 17 cents for the cell phone,” Williams said.

When we plugged in a tablet and toaster they were both around 20 cents.

But Williams says add multiple appliances together and that quickly adds up. It compounds when we move onto larger appliances like the TV.

“Roughly cost about $8 a month. TV is higher,” says Williams. “The mini strip is about $2 and you can see it’s rising.”

And you can see how much the cost to your bill is heating up.

Take the five appliances we tested and that adds up to roughly $10 per month. During the span of a year, that’s about $120.