The Best Pubs in Waltham Forest.


Zone three is an often overlooked part of London. Sandwiched between hip Zone two and the affluent suburbs of Zone four, boroughs such as Waltham Forest often dwell in geographical mediocrity. However, it’s in such places like Walthamstow and Leytonstone that the true London can be found and just a few miles from the Olympic park, while more people enjoying a short stay in the east end might find themselves drawn to the relative greenery of Waltham Forest. With some fantastic local, east end pubs to enjoy, those on a holiday rentals London contract would be hard pressed to find a better example of cockney life than in the pubs of Waltham Forest. Here’s a pick of our favourites ‘knees up mother Brown’, ‘have a banana’ boozers.


The Castle – Walthamstow Village

Walthamstow Village is a bizarre little oasis of up-market, middle-class-dom in the middle of an east-end urban sprawl. Resembling something of the West Hampstead, ‘The Village’ is a collection of thatched houses, fancy restaurants, WI meeting places and pubs your average social worker wouldn’t mind the odd after work tipple in. The Castle on the other hand, doesn’t quite match it’s sleepy surroundings. Instead it’s a lively pub with a late license with a great taste in music, a friendly atmosphere and fantastically inventive menu.


The Birkbeck Tavern – Leyton

The Blind Beggar, The Black Bull and the Loaded Dog might all be iconic east-end pub, but all have succumbed to the trendifcation of east London. The genuine cockney boozer might be a little more difficult to find, but they certainly still exist. The Birkbeck is a fine example of a fantastic community pub that still holds on to it’s own identity. A regular free Bluegrass & Country night takes place upstairs every Wednesday and Saturday, while the bar has a good selection of traditional pub pursuits, with a good pool table and dart board. The selection of ales are well known throughout east London, as is the friendly welcome.


The North…

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