Taryn Manning on new season of “Orange is the New Black,” Pennsatucky’s growth

Taryn Manning plays Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett on “Orange is the New Black,” and though her character has become much more likable, she says she kind of misses the Litchfield inmate’s villainous streak. 

Manning talked to CBS News about the newest season of the show, which takes place during a three-day prison riot, and her thoughts on Pennsatucky’s growth. 

Wow, your voice sounds exactly the same as it does on the show.

It’s funny you say that, because I’ll be walking down the street and no one really notices and I’l be on the phone and they’ll say, “I knew it!.” My fricking voice — it just gives me away.

Your character, Tiffany Doggett, has really changed over the seasons. Do you ever miss playing the villain?

Yeah, I do. I had a really good time with that at first. Upon reading the script when it came to me way in the beginning, I was very nervous about it because she was so bad. It’s kind of fun to have an excuse to be such a jerk and for acting purposes only. Not to say I’m perfect in real life, but it was a lot of fun to have an alter ego.

That being said, I love the arc they’ve written for me. As an actor, there’s nothing more fun than getting to explore your character and all of our layers that we have as human beings and characters, but I feel like she’s getting frustrated and I think she feels really defeated because I think her choice to be kind — it just happened in a genuine sort of way and I feel now she feels really hurt. Hurt people hurt. She’s been hurt and however she’s treated, that’s how she reacts. If she’s treated like crap, she doesn’t react well, so I think she’s just really human.

Are you happy she has new teeth?

I thought when the teeth were all messed up and gnarly, it definitely lent to me in preparing for such a person who’s so different. She’s still very different from me, but it’s nice to kind of feel somewhat attractive. But it’s what my mother always said. Sometimes I’d get really sad when I was younger, in my early 20s and…

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