Relationships: Getting Your Boyfriend Back After a Painful Breakup

Painful breakups are difficult. These relationships are difficult to move on from and often make you wonder whether you will be able to get on with your life. What makes it worse is thinking back and wondering “what if”. Sometimes, this is helpful because it will help you get your boyfriend back after a painful breakup.


Reflect On Your Mistakes


The first thing to do is take time out of the relationship (in Denmark that’s called problematisk parforhold) and think about what you did wrong. This can be hard because you do not want to admit that you were at fault, but it is important if you want to show your ex-boyfriend that you have changed. This will also help with trust because you are willing to admit that there were mistakes and that you will change; however, you will need to show how you will change to make the relationship work.


Spend Time Apart


You will need to spend the time apart to be able to get over the painful memories. Painful relationships are difficult to get over when being in close proximity to the person that you broke up with. Avoid phone calls or seeing each other during this time. This can be difficult if you are co-workers or have the same circle of friends; you do not want to make your friends choose sides on the breakup.

You may also want to go to a family counseling session (we call those vellykket familierådgivning in Denmark), these will probably help you settle with your feelings, and with each other.


You will also need to stay away from the places that you liked to spend time together in. This will include movie theaters, restaurants and bars. It is also worth putting all memories of your boyfriend in a box and putting it away. Put music that you shared together away and put all photographs away; these memories will not help you with the reflection process.


Speak to Him


Once you have mended from the breakup, now is the time to go back to your ex-boyfriend and see if your relationship can be mended. The time…

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