Refusing The Breath Test: Serious Offense On The Road

Breath test is done to check whether a person has consumed alcohol or not which is reflected in the blood content in the body. The test is done on the person driving the vehicle who is alleged for driving the vehicle rashly or not abiding by the traffic rules. The driver is asked to take the test by breathing into the breath analyzer, which consists of a tube containing yellow crystals, which changes color to green when the alcohol level is high in the breath.

Refusing breath test is a big offence in many countries. It can lead to the person being arrested; or the driving license being cancelled and banning the person from driving. A person refuses the breath test when he knows he would be found guilty of drinking before driving and is aware of the possible consequences afterwards. Breath test helps to find the exact level of alcohol content in the blood, which is reflected in the breath. When the alcohol level is above the legal limit, it is unsafe to drive and the person is in an inebriated state. Breath test is followed by other preliminary test to assess the physical and mental coordination of the person driving the vehicle. If the person agrees to take the breath test, to prove he is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs; he has to pass the breath test. Passing the breath test and the subsequent tests proves he is not intoxicated and the official leaves him. If the person fails the test then he has to face the consequences.

The penalty charges can be cancellation of driving license or banning the person from driving in future or paying a fine amount or getting penalty points and he has to face the trial in the court. The rules vary from place to place and are very strict. To avoid all these hassles, it is better to be cautious and careful while driving. One must drive with utmost care and attention.

Driving without due care and attention is a serious offence and it means reckless and insensitive driving. One must be careful and considerate on the road…

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