Prime Minister May condemns ‘sickening’ attack against Muslims in London

A man drove a van into a crowd of people gathered outside of a London mosque after midnight prayers on Monday in what Prime Minister Theresa May called a “sickening” attack.

A 48-year-old man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of attempted murder. No other suspects had been identified, police said.

One person, who had been receiving first aid prior to the attack, died on the scene, but it is unclear at this time whether or not his death was a result of the attack. Ten people were injured.

“The attack unfolded whilst a man was receiving first aid from the public at the scene, sadly, he has died,” Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the senior national coordinator for counter terrorism told the media this morning. “Any causative link between his death and the attack will form part of our investigation. It is too early to state if his death was as a result of the attack.”

May called the incident, which mirrored other high-profile terror attacks in which vehicles were used as weapons, “every bit as sickening as those that have come before.”

But the terror attack was different in one key respect: Muslims appeared to be the primary target.

“Evil of this kind will never succeed,” May said after an emergency meeting at 10 Downing Street to coordinate the government’s response.

Shortly after the incident took place, near Finsbury Park in the north of London, Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, referred to it as a “horrific terrorist attack.”

Khan also called it “a deliberate attack on innocent Londoners, many of whom were finishing prayers during the holy month of Ramadan.

“While this appears to be an attack on a particular community, like the terrible attacks in Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge it is also an assault on all our shared values of tolerance, freedom and respect,” Khan said in a statement.

The Metropolitan Police also called the incident a “terrorist attack” and said an investigation was being carried out by the Counter Terrorism…

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