Piers Morgan is the week’s worst human being

If you caught the Wimbledon men’s final on Sunday, you likely saw Marin Cilic have a breakdown in the second set of his match against Roger Federer. Beating Federer at his favorite tournament is an enormous task even under ideal conditions, and Cilic had the additional handicap of an injury to his left foot. So when he called the trainer out, already down a set and 3-0 in the second, the enormity of the situation hit him—this wasn’t going to be his day. For now, at least, the dream of becoming a Wimbledon champion would have to wait.

So Cilic cried. And I mean really cried—sobs that wracked his entire body while his eyes seemed to open wide in alarm, leading many on Twitter to speculate that he might be having a panic attack. Cilic later said that this wasn’t the case, and that he was only disappointed that he couldn’t play his best, but regardless of how you want to label the moment, his pain was tangible. It may have been the most visceral display of mental agony I’ve seen in tennis, and anyone who didn’t feel for the guy at that moment must have a heart of stone. (And by the way, Cilic is no shrinking violet—he won the 2014 U.S. Open, and beat Federer in a terrific semifinal performance.)

Enter Piers Morgan, with this tweet:

There are a ton of reasons not to like Piers Morgan, so let’s not pretend this tweet is the first indication that he’s a complete jackass. Nevertheless, it’s a terrific showcase of his obvious numerous flaws. First, the instinct to laugh at somebody else’s pain. Second, the urge to actually publish that weird form of sadism, just to make sure everyone else knows you’re a jerk. Third, the apparent pride at feeling no empathy for a suffering human. Fourth, the deep insecurity in one’s own masculinity that prompts this mockery of a man who is clearly your physical superior. Fifth, the sad craving for attention that underlies it all, propelled by the very modern addiction to fame…

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