New Workplace Communication Training Company Launches

Fast Is Good® LLC — workplace communication training in segments of 90 minutes or less in different formats and timeframes – launched today. The owners are veteran public relations professionals Davis Young and Scott Juba.

Young said, “C-suite leaders receive extensive media, crisis response and presentation training. What we’re doing is very different. It’s about back and forth interaction in the workplace at the middle management level which is where communication problems often start. Fast Is Good is about quick, practical instruction that will make these managers better communicators. We’ve been talking with experienced business people for over a year and they tell us there is a real need for this.”

Fast Is Good training is delivered to up to 50 people either in person or online (via computer, tablet or smartphone) based on a client’s preference. The curriculum was developed by Young and Juba and addresses four core communication skills – listening, verbalizing, writing and communicating using technology in a 21st century workplace.

“The idea behind our curriculum and format is to offer communication training for the 21st century workplace,” said Juba. “People’s attention spans are shorter than ever and companies’ resources are stretched. We have created a template for a new type of training that is quick, economical and designed especially for middle managers. Our training goes deep into an organization and minimizes time away from the job. We’ve tested our approach both in-person and online and overwhelmingly participants tell us they believe they will be more effective in their workplace because of this training.”

Young and Juba have also authored a new book, Avoid Workplace Communication Screw-Ups: They’ll Cost Money…

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