Let us learn the new rules of custom iPad app development

More than a quarter million iOS apps are purely dedicated to iPad. Apple offers great help to iOS developers. The tech-giant has made available a stable SDK and ample documentations on iOS app development cycle. With right approach and good hands on SDK, documentations and other tools & technologies, developers can bring their apps onto the store in few months time.

It is of course not a difficult task to develop a differentiable and value-added product or service app. Still there are only 250,000 apps for covering 99.99% population of iPad users. So there is enough space and scope in the iPad application development domain. All you need to know or learn are new rules for building custom iPad applications.

The first rule is you stay innovative all through the project. Mobile application development is still free from traditions, and you, as developer, are free to do anything that really makes sense. You can apply on the way user input information. The moment you start searching the ways to present information beyond conventional interface, you actually set your work apart from others. And success is only possible if you stand out of the crowd.

Take the example of drawing apps on the app store. There are hundreds of thousands drawing apps and almost every single app of them has UNDO function for when you have made a misstep. By seeing this function almost always in the corner of the app, it seems that all developers are following the same pattern of development.

However, there are certainly more novel ways to do this. A good example for the good use of this function can be founded in the app called Paper. It allows you to use fingers to dial back your missteps. And the entire process is quite simple, and original.

Most iOS developers, engaged in iPad application development, want to get noticed by Apple so that the company can advertise your app on the front page. The best way to get noticed is you use the last SDK features available. This will give you more…

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