Jedediah Bila defends Mike Pence’s marriage from liberal co-hosts on ‘The View’ – TheBlaze

The liberal co-hosts on “The View” were not impressed with the news of the decisions Vice President Mike Pence has made in order to maintain the dignity owed to his marriage, but Jedediah Bila fought back against the mostly negative onslaught. Co-host Sunny Hostin also offered some defense of the vice president in the segment that aired Friday.

“I have sad news for Vice President Mike Pence groupies out there,” Joy Behar announced. “All two of you, where are they?”

“Apparently he won’t go out to dinner with a woman,” she continued, “unless his wife Karen is with him too. And he won’t attend any event where booze is served without her either. Now what is he afraid of?”

“No, it’s that near temptation of sin that I talk about all the time,” Sunny Hostin objected. “I mean I think he’s a man of faith. And what good is gonna happen having…

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