How To Eliminate Eye Bags Naturally – My Best Ideas


Among the many signs of aging that could appear on a persons face as they grow older perhaps the one that affects your face the most are those loose bags of skin filled with fluid which may appear under the eyes, especially if they are discolored as well. Bags under the eyes can be caused by various factors such as hormonal variations during menstruation or pregnancy, the process of aging and allergies to many different factors like air borne pollutants, food substances or pets. Getting your self aware about the reasons for the problem can help in learning how to reduce eye bags. 


A fast and effectual method of how to reduce eye bags temporarily is to place cold items over your eyes while lying down with your head elevated. The cold might help to reduce the puffiness in the eye bags and elevating your head will let any excess built up fluids to drain away naturally. Traditionally, cucumber slices were being used for this folk remedy however recently green tea bags have become popular because the anti-inflammatory substances which they contain combine very effectively with the cold to reduce eye bags. This method works instantly however is unfortunately only effective for short periods of time.


One of the main reasons for eye bags forming is the accumulation of fluids under the delicate skin around the eye. This can usually be prompted by a diet which is too high in sodium, so reducing your salt intake is a good way of how to reduce eye bags. The body could also retain water if it thinks that it is becoming dehydrated so one must always drink plenty of water on a daily basis. These tips on how to reduce eye bags are even more important as a person gets older and their skin becomes thinner.


Allergies are another common reason for eye bags and the variety of things that you could be allergic to includes factors such as pets and food in addition to environmental elements like airborne dirt and dust pollution and pollen. Allergic reactions could cause…

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