GET TO KNOW: Dennis Krol Insurance consultant

In the business of ‘emotional gain’

With his yearn to help people and a voice for radio, Canada native Dennis Krol has been able to make a home that satisfies all his needs right here in Frankfort.

Krol, owner of Krol Insurance, located at 109 St. Clair St., across from the Franklin County Court House, has been operating out of that office building since April 1990.

“I’m the longest tenant on St. Clair,” he said.

Krol grew up mainly in Windsor, Ontario, but moved to Detroit, Michigan, when he was a freshman in high school. He graduated from Cooley High School in 1960.

While living in Windsor, Krol was a Queen Scout, which is equivalent to a Boy Scout in the U.S. When he was around 13 or 14 years old he was invited to be in the honor guard during a visit by Queen Elizabeth II shortly after her coronation.

“I was standing next to her Royal Guard,” Krol said.

After high school, he went to work for Eastern Airlines in Chicago in merchandise, but eventually became a ticket counter agent.

When the airline company went on strike, Krol packed up and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and worked for Trans Copy making wet copies.

While there, he was drafted into the U.S. Army and ultimately served 12 months and 13 days in Vietnam.

“I wasn’t a citizen when I was drafted and I still had to go,” Krol said. “I flew a 1940 vintage aircraft that went 80 knots — which means you drive faster down the freeway.’

Krol was a forward observer.

“If you were in trouble on the ground, they would call me and I would note the coordinates and I would call the Air Force and they would bomb the area and get our guys out of there.”

When he returned from Vietnam, Krol decided he wanted to be a commercial pilot, so he enrolled at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, but when he wasn’t able to meet the credentials, he decided to flip a coin and he ended up at Murray State University in the Masters of Business Administration program.

He finished the…

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