Depression Treatment Options: Startup’s Electric Headband Could Ease Mental Illness

Could wearing a high-tech headband treat mental illnesses like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder or even cure a migraine? A South Korean startup called Ybrain hopes theirs will do the trick.

The Korea Herald reported the device, called Mindd, sends electric current into the brain’s frontal lobe, which has been implicated in depression, through a pad on the forehead. The newspaper said the weak currents will feel like a tingly sensation to the person wearing the headband.

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Mindd is currently in clinical trials, Ybrain’s website says, and could be used for treating people in their own homes for major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder and cognitive impairment. The company is also developing a device that could treat migraines.

One of the objectives of the South Korean startup is to offer a home treatment for mental illness that will make help more accessible.

“Though we’ve begun by deploying our device at only hospitals, for now, our broader goal is to help anyone with depression easily receive treatment from home and to eventually raise depression treatment rates around the world,” Ybrain CEO Lee Ki-won told the Korea Herald. “Countless people are suffering from depression every day, yet few seek medical treatment.”

South Korean startup Ybrain is developing a headband technology that could send electrical signals into someone’s brain to treat depression. Photo: Ybrain

While the exact proportions vary by country, the World Health Organization says fewer than half of people with depression around the world get help for their treatable mental illness. That could be because they live in areas without resources, but in some cases, it is related to the stigma attached to the condition.

South Korea has been struggling with depression and suicide, with a suicide rate of nearly 30 for every 100,000 people.

In the United States, where suicide and depression are still a…

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