Deadly earthquakes in the history

Earthquakes are one of nature’s most unpredictable and frightening events. They are killers and the loss of life caused by these ground shaking events can be enormous. Earthquakes can result in falling buildings, resultant fires, landslides and tsunami which bring serious threats to anyone. The recent killer quake in Haiti has once again highlighted this deadly force of nature and the destruction it can bring.


Here are some notable known earthquake events in our history:


12 January 2010, Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Fears that thousands have died in Haiti after a quake of 7.0 magnitude struck near the capital Port-au-Prince



6 April 2009, L’Aquila, Italy



View of the dome of the damaged Cathedral in the center of L’Aquila, Italy


12 May 2008, Sichuan, China


Up to 87,000 people are killed or missing and as many as 370,000 injured by an earthquake in Sichuan province


The great Sichuan earthquake has consumed tens of thousands of lives

15 August 2007, Lima, Peru


At least 519 people are killed in Peru’s coastal province of Ica, as a 7.90-magnitude undersea earthquake strikes about 145km (90 miles) south-east of the capital, Lima


Outside the capital, roads were badly affected with many people in damaged towns effectively cut off.


27 May 2006, Yogyakarta, Indonesian island of Java


At least 5,749 people were killed, 38,568 were injured and as many as 600,000 people were displaced in the Bantul-Yogyakarta area



8 October 2005, Kashmir, Pakistan


An earthquake measuring 7.6 strikes northern Pakistan and the disputed Kashmir region, killing more than 73,000 people and leaving millions homeless



26 December 2003, Bam, Iran


Within the first 30 seconds of the earthquake, more than 85 per cent of the buildings were completely destroyed.


More than 30,000 people dead and many thousands still missing in Bam

26 January 2001, Gujarat, India


An earthquake magnitude 7.9 devastates killing nearly 20,000 people and…

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