Celebrating the Past with Local LED Lighting Technology

Mason PUD 3 used the OmniMax in streetlights and decorative pedestal lights

The people at Evluma have always been very responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Established in 1890, Shelton’s past has long been intertwined with logging and the railroads that sprung up with it. “Tollie” The Shay, a locomotive built in 1924, rests next to the post office, anchoring the historic town center. Antique shops and small businesses line Railroad Avenue. In the evening, the decorative pedestal and streetlights that run along the busy street give off a warm glow – the warm glow of LED.

Railroad Avenue’s ornamental streetlights installed in the mid to late 1990s and maintained by Mason PUD 3 required a great deal of maintenance. Knowing the ballasts on the 20 year-old fixtures would need changing again soon, Justin Holzgrove, Engineering Services & Community Relations Manager at Mason PUD 3, was looking for an LED solution that would eliminate the constant upkeep required by HPS lights, yet still deliver the warm look that residents and visitors had come to expect.

The team at Mason PUD 3 tested several different solutions including corncobs and downlights. “Anything less than a 10-year warranty was a non-starter for us. Some didn’t fit our fixtures, one was too tall and downlights weren’t appropriate for our omnidirectional globes,” stated Justin. Mason PUD 3 also obtained a sample OmniMax by Evluma. The OmniMax fit their fixture, met their pre-requisite of a 10-year warranty and came in a 2000K color temperature. “The goal was to keep that gaslight look for the downtown corridor. The color of the 3000K OmniMax was more ‘yellow’ than bright. It didn’t preserve the soft glow that suggests a small-town charm.”…

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