Cartel Wives: Women whose husbands worked for, then brought down El Chapo tell their story

They once enjoyed a life of ill-gotten luxury, married to identical twins who climbed to the top of the world’s most profitable – and deadly – drug cartel. But these days, Mia and Olivia Flores live in the shadows, wearing disguises and shuttling their children from home to home, always wary someone is coming for them.

Daughters of Chicago police officers, Mia and Olivia married Pedro and Margarito Flores Jr. as the brothers rose from street-level dealers to running Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán’s Sinaloa drug cartel in the United States.


“They made a lot of money,” Mia said in an exclusive, on-camera interview with Fox News Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge. “My husband and brother-in-law were a big asset to him. They knew the U.S. inside and out, they knew the roads, they knew how to maneuver in the U.S. And that’s something Chapo and his team didn’t know how to do.”

The lavish lifestyle came crashing down in 2012, when the twins were each sentenced to 14 years in prison for smuggling 71 tons of cocaine and heroin and $2 billion in cash into the United States. The Flores brothers were the highest level American drug traffickers to be flipped by the Drug Enforcement Agency–DEA, and key to bringing El Chapo to U.S. justice. Key to the prosecution’s case, they are expected to testify at his 2018 trial in New York City.

“I would say that they’re probably the strongest witnesses in this…

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