Anonymous death threat issued to cats on North Taranaki street


Each house on Becklands Pl in Inglewood received this anonymous, and threatening, note.

A death threat against neighbourhood cats – hand-delivered to letterboxes – has left residents of a quiet North Taranaki cul-de-sac on high alert

Typed and distributed by an unknown person, the residents of Becklands Pl in Inglewood found the note on Sunday morning. 

Short and to the point, it said: “Cat Poison will be laid around Becklands Place next week and every week until the stray cats are brought under control.  Please ensure your cats don’t stray from your property”. 

Sam Scannell

One of Dara Robbins’ three cats Mir is the target of a death threat, issued via the letterbox.

The feline threat, which is being investigated by the SPCA, clearly rattled Dara Robbins, who owns three of the nine cats who call the street home.  

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“I’m a bit shaken really.  I’m really fond of my cats,” she said.  Robbins shares the care of her pets with husband Buddy and all of the cats were adopted from the SPCA and had been de-sexed.

She said it was the first time she had heard anyone had a problem with stray cats in the area and to resort to…

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